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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Metallica drummer says Congress should ban MP3-swaps

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  Tuesday May 02 11:15 PM EDT
  Metallica Speaks: Put Napster out of Business
  Industry Standard

  Lars Ulrich, drummer for the heavy-metal band Metallica,
  suggested that the U.S. Congress should step in to stop
  MP3-swapping services like Napster "before this whole Internet
  thing runs amok."

  Ulrich made the comments, along with many others, during an
  hour-long Web chat on ArtistDirect.com, Metallica's first public
  interaction with fans since the band became the first to file suit
  against Napster.

  In addition to suing Napster, Metallica announced today that on
  Wednesday it will deliver to Napster's offices in San Mateo, Calif.,
  the names of 335,435 individual users alleged to have swapped
  Metallica recordings on the Internet. The 60,000 pages of documents
  include a request that the users be removed from Napster's system as
  punishment for violating the band's copyrights.

  The move personalized the Napster debate for many fans, and it
  led at least two reporters to wonder if they would be among
  those named in the list of violators.

  Known for spitting in the face of
  conformity and dominant
  institutions, Metallica sounded
  remarkably like middle-class
  parents during the fan forum, as
  they argued for government
  intervention in order to protect
  their retirement accounts.


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