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Datamining, Trends

> man mit Datamining *nicht* mitbekommt, irgendwelche 10 %, die entscheiden.
> Vielleicht nur bei seinen Sachen.
> [private Klarstellung: es ging dabei um Trends]

Ahh, wenns um Trends geht, dann ist das doch trivial.
Wofür hält der sich, Gott?  Beispiel Aktienmarkt und
"Bekenntnisse eines Taoisten an der Wall Street"...

Kann schon sein, das statische Aussagen über eine Person im
Grunde bedeutungslos sind, da es (Churchill) auf den Fragebogen
ankommt, und der ist immer 'skewed'.  Also Trends, und die haben
halt jene 10% Unsicherheit, wokämenwirdaauchhin, Heisenberg/Penrose etc.

Interessant wäre nun, zu erfahren, wie weit die statischen
Aussagen gehen: Privates aus Öffentlichem gefolgert wäre
auch dann schädlich, wenn es sich um statische Aussagen handelt.

Noch was Aktuelles, passt gut:


   NYTimes: So Far Big Brother isn't Big business
   May 7, 2000, 16:34 UTC (3 Talkbacks) (Other stories by Saul Hansell)
   [ Thanks to Kevin Reichard for this link. ]
   "...'I can find out whether you are a person who lives on the edge of
   your credit limit or pays your bills,' he said, 'whether you are a
   mountain guy or a beach guy.'"
   "There was only one problem: advertisers didn't much care. Most just
   wanted to reach as large an audience as possible. Some used the most
   basic pieces of data that Kane collected, aiming their messages, say,
   at women or college students or people in the regions where the
   advertisers have stores. But Kane's effort to find debt-laden beach
   bums or Volvo owners who read Guns and Ammo was to no avail."
   "And that is the unspoken but enlightening secret about corporate
   America's attempt to get even more personal with its customers. For
   all the discussion about how the Internet is stripping consumers of
   whatever thin veil of privacy they have left in this world of credit
   bureaus and supermarket scanners, analysts have failed to recognize
   just how ineffective most of these data-gathering systems have been.
   Sure, many companies are trying to peer back through the glowing
   screens at Internet users, but so far no one has been able to make a
   big business out of being Big Brother."

Heisst natürlich nicht, das das nicht doch irgendwann Früchte trägt.
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