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[FYI] Napster's 'Safe Harbour' Sinks


   Wired: Napster's 'Safe Harbor' Sinks
   May 9, 2000, 02 :08 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (470 reads) (Other stories by
   Brad King)
   "The recording industry continues its roll of legal victories, as a
   federal judge on Friday rejected Napster's request for a summary
   judgment which would have dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Recording
   Industry Association of America."
   "The RIAA filed a lawsuit against Napster on December 7 on the grounds
   that the Napster application had created a safe haven for Internet
   music piracy...."
   "Any company using the safe harbor defense must first show that it
   provides online services and has adopted and implemented a policy
   providing for termination of users who violate copyright laws, said