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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: House Judiciary committee considers anti-drug linkin

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Subject:        	FC: House Judiciary committee considers anti-drug linking bill
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             Bill Criminalizes Drug Links
             by Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)

             3:00 a.m. May. 9, 2000 PDT
             Opponents of a bill to restrict drug-related
             information online are asking members of the House
             Judiciary Committee to reject it at a scheduled
             vote Tuesday morning.

             The panel is set to consider the Methamphetamine
             Anti-Proliferation Act, which makes it a federal
             crime to publish or link to information related to
             illegal drugs or drug advertising.

             "You have all sorts of First
             Amendment problems with that,"
             said Marv Johnson, legislative
             counsel at the American Civil
             Liberties Union.

             Civil libertarians said the measure
             should be rewritten to remove
             restrictions on Web publishing and
             eliminate a controversial section
             that would allow police to conduct
             secret searches and seizures.



             Real Cybersquatting Really Sucks
             Wired News Report

             3:00 a.m. May. 9, 2000 PDT
             For a company just a few weeks old, Verizon Wireless sure
             doesn't take criticism very well.

             To thwart anyone from mocking Verizon's wireless service,
             a lawyer registered the domain name verizonsucks.com. The
             lawyer is with the law firm Arnold and Porter, which
             represents Bell Atlantic, the company that launched
             Verizon with Vodaphone Airtouch.

             So it should be no surprise that Verizon lawyers were not
             amused when hacker-zine 2600 Magazine purchased


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