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[FYI] (Fwd) Napster puts ball back in Metallica's court...

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Subject:        	Napster puts ball back in Metallica's court...


Napster is informing the banned-per-Metallica-request users that they
can file a legal notice of counternotification (under penalty of
perjury) with Metallica's counsel.  If Metallica does NOT pursue legal
action against the user within 10 working days, the user is entitled
to reinstatement on Napster.

Interesting...just how far will Metallica go if a few hundred (or a
few thousand) of those 335,000 banned users file counternotifications?
 Will they pick one or two with which to make examples?

The article also discusses - gasp! - the FTC's investigation of
artificially inflated CD prices...

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