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[FYI] "What if somebody patentened a legal argument"?


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Tim: Are you a lawyer by training? 

Dickinson: Yes, I am. 

Tim: How would you feel if a lawyer was able to patent an

Dickinson: If it was new and non-obvious, I wouldn't have a
problem with it at all. 

Tim: And the ability to basically extract a royalty from other
lawyers for using that same legal argument? 

Dickinson: As I say, if it's new, and if it met the statutory
standards for patentability (and that's the key question here), and
it was incorporated into software in some form, that wouldn't be a

Tim: No, not in software. Just in actual, in court. 

Dickinson: Well, I don't want to deal in hypotheticals. The courts
haven't dealt with that question. 


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