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[FYI] k5: An Economist/Programmer writes on Open Source



An Economist/Programer writes on Open Source 

Posted by tbcidy on Tue May 30th, 2000 at 12:01:22 AM MEST 

Gerald P. Dwyer, Jr is currently a Vice President at the
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He is also a programmer 
with several published articles on pseudo-random
number generation. He has released the code for several of 
his generators, as well as tests. Playing more to his 
economist side, he has posted a preliminary paper on the
the economics of open source software (Sorry, but it is 
PDF :(. Check out his webpage.

Dwyer's paper includes several unique ideas on open source 
software. First of all it includes several points about 
why software is different from other products, including
other digital products. Another point made is the 
effect of transaction costs on software. His paper is 
a worthwhile read by someone with a unique perspective on
Open Source Software. 

"Papa, duerfen wir das Perl fuettern?"
	-- Michael Zuelsdorff, in der iX 6/2000