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[FYI] Canada woos MS


As the US software giant Microsoft waits to hear
whether an American judge will order its break-up, 
it has been revealed that the company is being 
encouraged to relocate its operations to 
neighbouring Canada. 

The authorities in British Columbia have offered 
to do a deal with Microsoft. 

They are promising favourable treatment which may 
include a loan to build a new headquarters if 
Microsoft agrees to move its operations 100 miles 
further north, to the other side of the Canadian 

Microsoft currently has around 20,000 employees 
in Seattle. Transferring its headquarters could 
have a devastating effect on the economy of the 
north-west corner of the United States. 

But it would also frustrate the American authorities' 
attempts to break the company up. 


"You gotta love Metallica. There were a pain in the ass to their
 Now they're going to be a pain in the ass to their kids."
	-- John Perry Barlow