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[FYI] Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof

Langsam wird es albern ...



Entertainment News
Friday  June 2 4:21 PM EDT

Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof

Los Angeles, CA - Metallica released their long awaited "Download 
This" CD today, and the band declared it Napster-proof.  The 74 
minute CD contains one 55 minute song, "Napster Begone" and a 19 
minute, one-question interview with drummer Lars Ulrich.

"We wanted to make an album that those bastards on Napster
wouldn't steal and I think we succeeded," said Lars.  "We
realized that we couldn't stop the Napster movement, so we
decided to make a Napster-proof album.  The 'Napster Begone'
track is so long and so horrible that no one in their right 
mind would take the time to download it. Our loyal fans will 
buy it though, because most have spent so much money on our
merchandise that they can't afford a computer." [...]