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Re: [FYI] Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof

On Sam, Jun 03, 2000 at 08:54:16 +0100, Joerg-Olaf Schaefers wrote:
> Langsam wird es albern ...
> http://bbspot.com/News/2000/6/download_this.html
> --------------------------------------------------snip--------------
> Entertainment News
> Friday  June 2 4:21 PM EDT
> Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof


Einzige sinnvolle Antwort:


---------------------------- schnipp ----------------------------

Napster of Puppets
                                    by L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg

               We are shocked and surprised to learn that there are
	       people downloading MP3 files of "The Björk Song" over
	       Napster, treating our music as a commodity rather than
	       as the dumb song about a more-talented musician that it
	       is. We wish to see these people treated as they
	       deserve, which is why we are going to collect the names
	       of Napster users who are distributing our material,
	       present the list to Napster, and demand that they be
	       given candy.

               Of course, we don't necessarily trust that justice will
	       be done, which is why we're going to be taking matters
	       into our own hands. From June 1st to June 30th, we will
	       be intermittently collecting the names of people with
	       "The Björk Song" in their sharable music files. At the
	       end of this period, we will choose one user randomly
	       from this list and present this winner with a $100 gift
	       certificate to CDNow, a Brunching Shuttlecocks T-Shirt,
	       and of course some candy.

               We know that by doing this we risk being labeled
	       "generous," "thoughtful," even "philanthropic." But
	       those are the risks we're willing to take to protect
	       our interest in having our song on every hard drive on
	       the planet.



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