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[FYI] Routing-Zölle

"Wir haben 6 Millionen User. Zahlen Sie unser
 Lösegeld von n DM/Mbit/sec, wenn Sie sie erreichen
 wollen. (Achja, und die User zahlen auch)"


Posted at 9:00 p.m. PDT Wednesday, May 31, 2000 

Excite to operate its
high-speed network as
`fast-lane toll road'

Mercury News 

Excite@Home, the largest provider of high-speed 
Internet access, said it would start operating 
its network as a ``fast-lane toll road'' for
Internet content.

Lining up at the toll booth are companies that 
distribute content, such as Akamai Technologies 
Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., iBeam Broadcasting Corp. 
of Sunnyvale and Microcast Inc. of New York. 
Wednesday, Redwood City-based Excite@Home announced 
those companies had agreed to pay an undisclosed 
amount per megabit per second in order to plug 
into the high-speed network.


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