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[FYI] {OT} On Patenting Euthanasia


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On Patenting Euthanasia

By Alexandra Kemmerer

MUNICH. "Euthanasia Compositions." This title given to a blend of 
chemicals for the "humane killing of mammals" certainly does not lack 
for clarity. And, thus far at least, the specifications of the patent 
have been equally clear that the term "mammal" includes humans.  

The European Patent Office registered the 1996 patent application for 
the deadly mixture under patent no. EP 0 516 811 B 1. Yet on Tuesday, 
an EPO appeals board sustained several objections that have been 
filed on the grounds that this terminology was morally offensive, 
contrary to acceptable public policy and hence not eligible for 
registration. The patent was reworded and patent protection now 
embraces only its use on animals.  


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