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[FYI] (Fwd) Is Patent Reform Unavoidable

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Subject:        	Is Patent Reform Unavoidable

"CNET was just today handed USPTO patent #6,073,241 titled Apparatus
and method for tracking world wide web browser requests across
distinct domains using persistent client-side state
24 1&RS=PN/6073241>. The patent implies that CNET is able to track a
browser across multiple domains for "advertisers to tailor their
content to users."" We here at slashdot conducted our usual thorough
legal review of the patent ("Hey guys, does this say what I think it
says?") and we're agreed: the entire business method of DoubleClick,
Matchlogic, 24/7 and other banner advertising networks has been
patented. CNet now has a legal monopoly, issued and enforced by the
U.S. of A., on banner advertising networks. CNet filed the patent on
August 29, 1996; DoubleClick started operations in early 1996.

For more stuff on this point your browser to
http://slashdot.org/article s/00/06/07/1656216.shtml
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