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[FYI] Foresight publishes nanotech guidelines

[Im Endeffekt läuft das nicht nur auf ähnliche Handhabung wie
 Biotech hinaus (wo die Schutzbestimmungen bisher erfolgreich
 waren), sondern erlaubt darüber hinausgehende Sicherheiten, d.h.
 Nanotech-Handhabung wäre sicherer als Biotech jetzt, wenn auch
 der GAU (gray goo) weitreichender.]


  Development Principles
    1. Artificial replicators must not be capable of replication in a
       natural, uncontrolled environment.
    2. Evolution within the context of a self-replicating manufacturing
       system is discouraged.
    3. Any replicated information should be error free.
    4. MNT device designs should specifically limit proliferation and
       provide traceability of any replicating systems.
    5. Developers should attempt to consider systematically the
       environmental consequences of the technology, and to limit these
       consequences to intended effects. This requires significant
       research on environmental models, risk management, as well as the
       theory, mechanisms, and experimental designs for built-in
       safeguard systems.
    6. Industry self-regulation should be designed in whenever possible.
       Economic incentives could be provided through discounts on
       insurance policies for MNT development organizations that certify
       Guidelines compliance. Willingness to provide self-regulation
       should be one condition for access to advanced forms of the
    7. Distribution of molecular manufacturing development capability
       should be restricted, whenever possible, to responsible actors
       that have agreed to use the Guidelines. No such restriction need
       apply to end products of the development process that satisfy the
  Specific Design Guidelines
    1. Any self-replicating device which has sufficient onboard
       information to describe its own manufacture should encrypt it such
       that any replication error will randomize its blueprint.
    2. Encrypted MNT device instruction sets should be utilized to
       discourage irresponsible proliferation and piracy.
    3. Mutation (autonomous and otherwise) outside of sealed laboratory
       conditions, should be discouraged.
    4. Replication systems should generate audit trails.
    5. MNT device designs should incorporate provisions for built-in
       safety mechanisms, such as: 1) absolute dependence on a single
       artificial fuel source or artificial "vitamins" that don't exist
       in any natural environment; 2) making devices that are dependent
       on broadcast transmissions for replication or in some cases
       operation; 3) routing control signal paths throughout a device, so
       that subassemblies do not function independently; 4) programming
       termination dates into devices, and 5) other innovations in
       laboratory or device safety technology developed specifically to
       address the potential dangers of MNT.
    6. MNT developers should adopt systematic security measures to avoid
       unplanned distribution of their designs and technical

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