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[FYI] Yahoo to France: Push off!


Yahoo! rejects French court ban on Nazi sites

Updated 8:54 AM ET June 16, 2000

PARIS (Reuters) - The co-founder of Yahoo! Inc., Jerry Yang,
has rejected a French court order to stop Web surfers in
France gaining access to sales of Nazi memorabilia which
appear on one of the Web sites it hosts.

"We are not going to change the content of our sites in the
United States just because someone in France is asking us
to do so," Yang told French daily Liberation in an interview
published Friday.

A Yahoo.com auction site puts hundreds of Nazi or neo-Nazi,
and Ku Klux Klan objects up for auction each day, including
films, swastikas, uniforms, daggers, photos and medals. Under
French law, it is illegal to exhibit or sell objects with 
racist overtones.


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