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[FYI] More on BT Hyperkinks


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Pioneer got 1 for hyperlink discovery  

E-finance: special report BT  

Neil McIntosh Thursday 

June 22, 2000  

When the next list of net pioneers graces the pages of an 
influential, glossy magazine, one name might stand out as rather odd, 
because 73-year-old Desmond Sargent is no pony-tailed dot.com 
billionaire, nor is he a tech-talking academic.  

But Mr Sargent can, according to US patent 4,873,662, claim to have 
invented one of the world wide web's building blocks. His work for 
the Post Office in 1976 led to a crucial breakthrough by creating 
"hyperlinks" - the technology that allows web users to move from one 
page to another by clicking on text or pictures.  

The patent is now the property of BT, which analysts say will reap 
hundreds of millions of pounds from Mr Sargent's work."I can't see me 
making much money out of it - I was an employee of BT at the time," 
he says. "American law says the chap who writes the patent actually 
has to have a dollar. So all you get is a dollar.  


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