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Cybersquatting in China (fwd)

Chinesich kann ich nicht, aber ich wills wenigsten forwarden, die Welt ist
rund und der Tag hat 24 Stunden:

Subject: Re: Cybersquatting in China

There are a number of articles (in Chinese) posted on the Sina.com website that
go into more of the details of the case.  Other cybersquatting cases have been
filed by multinationals in China (e.g., one by Dupont regarding the domain name
dupont.com.cn against the same defendant as in the Ikea case [who seems to be
quite a collector of domain names] and one by Proctor and Gamble regarding the
domain name safeguard.com.cn).  The Ikea case is the first of these to be
decided.  Ikea's success in its case should prompt quite a number of other suits
to be filed as .cn domain names incorporating many well known trademarks have
been registered by small PRC companies.