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[FYI] Record Labels Sue MP3Board For Copyright Infringement


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Daily News 
Record Labels Sue MP3Board For Copyright Infringement 

By Dick Kelsey, Newsbytes 
June 26, 2000  

Major record labels today filed a copyright infringement lawsuit 
against music search engine MP3board.com, seeking to shut down the 
Web site for enabling Internet users to download recorded music for 

BMG Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records and other 
labels alleged in the suit that the MP3Board Web site's hypertext 
links to thousands of big-label recordings give Internet users access 
to download copyright-protected music.  

The suit, filed in US District Court in Manhattan, comes three weeks 
after MP3board.com sued the Recording Industry Association of America 
(RIAA), asking that a California court stop the group from trying to 
shut down its Web site. That suit was in response a May 25 letter 
from the RIAA that MP3Board disable its Web site or remove links to 
pirated songs.  


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