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[FYI] Government's statisticians


   ONDCP Websites Secretly Track Visitors
       Washington, DC: The Office of National Drug Control Policy has
   been secretly tracking internet users who visit two government
   websites to determine where they have been on the Internet, a clear
   violation of the recently released Clinton administration's privacy
   policy for federal agencies.
	   "This is another outrageous example of 'Big Brother' trying to
   monopolize public discussion on the issue of marijuana," said Allen
   St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive Director. "It's incredible that
   an agency of the federal government seeks to track web visitors as
   well as spend millions of taxpayer dollars buying up most of the
   relevant words a web viewer employs when researching the topic of
   'marijuana.' Can you imagine the Environmental Protection Agency
   buying the search word 'environment' or the Department of Health and
   Human Services buying the search word 'health' and steering web
   viewers to government web sites? When will this rogue federal
   bureaucracy be reined in?"
       St. Pierre concludes, "Even worse, if a web user types 'National
   Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws' into most search
   engines, the user is immediately exposed to government propaganda in
   the form of a banner ad against marijuana. The drug czar won't meet
   with or debate NORML, but he has no problem using our name to spread
   his lies."

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