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Re: FYI: Russisches Patent auf Behaelter

At 11:56 07.07.00 +0200, Patrick Goltzsch wrote:

>Ich habe nicht geprüft, ob es sich hier um eine Ente

>> A company has managed to take out patents on all glass,
>> plastic and metal containers and is demanding that breweries
>> throughout the country pay it 0.5 percent royalties on every
>> bottle or can they sell.

s.a. http://technocrat.net/961917192/index_html

| Patent in a Bottle
| Posted by: jens persson on Sunday June 25, @03:13AM
| The Moscow Times reports on the company "Intellect" geting a patent
| on bottles. The beer industry of Russia is outraged, and at the Federal
| Institute of Industrial Property "Someone might even be fired." No, 
| this is not the first of April read all about it  [..]