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[FYI] Revealed: 30 more nations with spy stations


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10 July 2000. Thanks to CM. 

Revealed: 30 more nations with spy stations 

By Duncan Campbell and Paul Lashmar 

The Independent 

9 July 2000 

Members of the top-level European inquiry into Britain's electronic 
spying activities will soon have to investigate themselves.
The Independent on Sunday has uncovered evidence showing the world is 
covered with illegal listening stations, many of them
maintained by Britain's European trade partners. 

The United States and Britain have been roundly attacked for their 
joint global spy system Echelon which, intelligence experts
say, has been used to intercept satellite phone calls and e-mails to 
obtain commercial as well as military secrets. Last week the
European Parliament voted to appoint a 36-man commission to 
investigate Echelon. 

But an investigation by the IoS reveals at least 30 other nations are 
running their own eavesdropping systems capable of
commercial espionage, including many of the countries quickest to 
question Britain's loyalty. 


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