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[FYI] Report Says E-Voting Is Unsafe


Report Says E-Voting Is Unsafe 
by Lynn Burke 

12:35 a.m. Jul. 11, 2000 PDT 

Voting in your pajamas is unsafe. 

So says the latest study published by the Voting Integrity Project, a
non-partisan group based in Arlington, Virginia that has openly attacked
the Arizona Democratic Party's Internet primary election in March. 

"...It is quite conceivable that a foreign-owned
company, with political motivations, supported by a
hostile government, could be in a position to administer
binding public elections," the report reads. 

The report, written by VIP chairwoman Deborah Phillips
and California Secretary of State's Internet Voting
Advisory Committee Chairman David Jefferson, makes a
distinction between on-site and remote Internet voting.

In a poll-side Internet election, county, or state
officials would monitor the entire process, and voters
would cast votes on secure computers. Remote voting
means that people will be able to cast votes on any
computer with an Internet connection. 

And while the report offers a tentative endorsement of
non-binding poll-side Internet voting, it unequivocally
rejects remote Internet voting, calling it fundamentally

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