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Re: [FYI] /.: Music industry forcibly reminded of fair use

>>>>> Kristian Köhntopp zitierte:

> http://www.inside.com/story/Story_Cached/0,2770,6643_9,00.html

Der Artikel enthält noch folgende Passage:

> [Roger McGuinn, ehemals Byrds]
> After more than 25 records, many of them hits, McGuinn said,
> ''I cannot support my family on record royalties alone.''
> By contrast, he had released music on the Internet and
> MP3.com and earned ''thousands of dollars'' from royalties
> and increased concert attendance. Less financially
> successful artists often welcome the file-trading on Napster
> and Gnutella because they want the increased exposure. Only
> when musicians have big hits do they begin to have something
> to lose. As a result, the industry is pulled in two
> different directions." 

Könnte das tatsächlich so stimmen? Weniger Bekannte Musiker
schätzten Napster/Gnutella?


Ist sie wahr, diese Lüge?