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[FYI] /.: Music industry forcibly reminded of fair use


Hatch Warns Labels, Don't Make Me Come
Over There and Spank You 
By Charles C. Mann 

Tuesday , July 11 06:47 p.m. 
WASHINGTON -- Get on the stick, labels. 

That was the message of Republican Senator Orrin G. Hatch to the
recording industry during a remarkable hearing of the Senate
Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Facing a veritable who's who of the
music-copyright wars, Chairman Hatch threatened -- in surprisingly
direct terms -- to force the music labels and publishers, by
to make their content digitally available for a standard fee if the
record business continued to ensnarl e-music with lawsuits. As a
capper, Hatch suggested that Congress might even go so far as to
offer its own comprehensive definition of ''fair use'' to hasten the
arrival of paid digital music -- an action that would have implications
far beyond music. 


"The lawyers won't solve this and the technologist won't solve 
 this piracy problem," Griffin said. "Anyway, anything that a 
 41-year-old thinks up, a 14-year-old can undo." 
	-- http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,37151,00.html