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Lawyers call for global Internet commission

July 14, 2000
Web posted at: 8:43 a.m. EDT (1243 GMT)

by Todd R. Weiss

(IDG) -- An American Bar Association
(ABA) committee this week said laws around
the globe need to be changed and unified in
order to keep up with the constant changes
brought about by the Internet and to ensure
fairness and a solid legal structure for
businesses and customers engaging in
e-commerce transactions. 

The 100-member committee, which has spent 
the past two years reviewing online
legal and jurisdictional issues, issued a 
report recommending the formation of a
"global online standards commission" that 
would establish a legal framework for the
future of e-commerce and oversee Internet-related 
disputes across different national borders.

The report, which hasn't been considered for
adoption by the full ABA, was released Monday at
the legal group's annual conference in New York. It
will be the subject of additional reviews next
Monday in London at another ABA meeting. 


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