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[FYI] Coelho under surveillance


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14 July 2000. Thanks to Frederico Duarte.  

TAL&QUAL, Lisbon weekly newspaper Friday, 14 July 2000 Translated 
from the original Portuguese article by the author, Frederico Duarte  

Coelho under surveillance  

The European Parliament has chosen the Portuguese European Parliament 
Member MP Carlos Coelho to lead the investigation on "Echelon,", the 
worldwide eavesdropping system. The Portuguese is going to be the man 
that, for a year, will be under the most stringent surveillance of 
the world of espionage  

The Portuguese European Parliament Member, Carlos Coelho, of PSD 
(Partido Social Democrata, Social-Democrat Party, member of the 
Christian Democrat group in the European Parlament-EP), newly-
appointed president of the investigation committee of the EP that, 
starting in September, will investigate the Echelon spy system, will 
be the most watched man in the world during the next year.  

"My telephones, faxes and e-mails might already be under 
surveillance," he told a Tal&Qual reporter this week with a shrug of 
shoulders that shows his perfect awareness of the situation.  


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