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[FYI] Vorsicht beim Wegwerfen magnetischer Datentraeger!


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18 July 2000

US Department of State
International Information Programs 

Washington File

18 July 2000   

Researchers Develop New Information Retrieval Technology  

(Damaged magnetically stored data now accessible) (660)  

Researchers with the National Institute for Standards and Technology 
(NIST) and the National Telecommunications and Information 
Administration (NTIA) have developed a way to salvage important data 
stored magnetically.  

Credit cards, computer disks, audio cassettes and video tapes all 
store information in small magnetic tracks that can be damaged or 
intentionally modified. With second harmonic magneto-resistive 
microscopy (SH-MRM) technology, however, data in altered or damaged 
storage media can be retrieved.  

This technology will be especially useful in forensic analysis, where 
small segments of tape from flight data recorders are sometimes all 
investigators have to study.  

Following is the text of the release:  


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