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On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Brett Glass <brett@lariat.org> wrote:
> It is interesting that your organization continues to push Linux rather
> than alternative operating platforms which are not part of Mr. Richard
> Stallman's effort to destroy legitimate business via predatory tactics.
> Government offices should most certainly NOT embrace software which is
> licensed under a regime whose purpose is to destroy American businesses.
> Is it true that Mr. James Love, of your organization, has a close 
> relative who is the CEO of a Linux company and therefore has a 
> conflict of interest in this area?

Brett Glass has asked if I have a conflict of interest in Linux, 
because I have a "close relative" of is the CEO of a Linux company.  
Well, I do have a cousin, Ransom Love, who is the CEO of Caldera 
Systems.  And, my mother owns 400 shares of Caldera Systems, valued 
yesterday at $3,650.  She also owns stock in Microsoft and several 
other companies, through mutal funds, and most of my immediate 
family lives in the Seattle area, where the Microsoft monopoly has 
been a boon to the local economy.