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[FYI] (Fwd) Silicon.com: PSINet joins ISP stampede over 'Snooping Bi

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Subject:        	Silicon.com: PSINet joins ISP stampede over 'Snooping Bill'
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> PSINet joins ISP stampede over 'Snooping Bill'
> PUBLISHED: 12:44pm on Friday 21st July 2000
> One of the world's largest internet service providers,
> PSINet, has said it will seriously consider leaving the UK
> if the government passes its controversial Regulation of
> Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill.
> In a statement to Silicon.com, Alexander Hazell, lawyer for
> the carrier, said: "We accept there is a public interest
> requirement to fight crime, but not at all costs. The UK
> government definitely wants to go too far this time.
> "If the Bill is passed then PSINet will have to seriously
> reconsider whether the UK is an appropriate place for
> electronic commerce at all."
> The news comes in response to fellow ISPs Poptel, Claranet
> and GreenNet threatening similar action if the Bill becomes
> law.
> According to PSINet, the costs of monitoring will be huge,
> especially for larger ISPs. "It is not even known in these
> days of packet-switched, multiplexed networks whether the
> proposed monitoring is technically feasible, which
> obviously adds to the uncertainty of costs," said Hazell.
> Hazell added that the legislation could have significant
> economic impact on the UK, with the displacement of
> investment in new and existing operations to other
> countries with less interception laws.
> The Bill ended its third report stage in the House of Lords
> earlier this week and will now return to the House of
> Commons for approval of the Lord's amendments, including a
> Technical Advisory Board and tighter constraints on the
> seizure of encryption keys.
> According to Lord Cope, leader of the Conservative
> opposition to the Bill, the amended Bill is much improved
> but still deeply flawed.
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