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[FYI] U.K. Passes E-Mail Snooping Bill Into Law


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July 27, 2000, 8:59 AM PDT  

U.K. Passes E-Mail Snooping Bill Into Law  

Internet service providers will be required to track all data and 
route it to the MI5 security agency.  

By Laura Rohde  

LONDON  A surveillance bill granting the U.K. government sweeping 
powers to access e-mail and other encrypted Internet communications 
passed its final vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday and is set 
to become law on Oct. 5.  

Among other provisions, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) 
bill requires Internet service providers in the U.K. to track all 
data traffic passing through their computers and route it to the 
Government Technical Assistance Center (GTAC). The GTAC is being 
established in the London headquarters of the U.K. security service 
MI5  the equivalent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 


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