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[FYI] Re:Deja.COM baut Werbung in Deine Postings

Whose Link Is It Anyway? 

One Deja.com user said his concerns would be diminished if 
Deja.com made it clearer that the links were not put in by users. 
"The only thing Deja.com really should do is add a notice that says,
'Links with (the red triangle that appears next to the linked words)
are added by Deja.com and do not show any intent of the original author,'"
said user Thomas Themel. 

Others suggested the company put the links outside the text of the post. 

Deja.com said it would consider inserting a legend, or even moving the 
links to the margins. "But we think it's much easier and a better user
experience to have it in the text like people are used to looking at 
on the Web," Gorelecki said.