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Re: [FYI] Wo ist der deutsche ICANN-Kandidat?

On 2000-08-03 13:14:05 +0000, Lutz Donnerhacke wrote:
> * Michael bracker wrote:
> >Meinst Du, Du findest jemanden, der von der 'Netzgemeinde' respektiert ist
> >- von wirklich vielen - und das Internet 'gut' vertreten kann? Wie willst
> >Du sojemanden finden? Wenn sich jemand fuer ICANN aufstellen will oder
> >fuer einen solchen Posten, kann er/sie sich nun mal nicht selbst
> >nominieren.
> Dann soll mich jemand nennen. Ich habe kein Problem damit. Finanzierung habe
> ich (unter der Hand) fast geklärt.

Mir scheint, Du must Dich selbst bewerben.


   If you would like to submit your name as a candidate for
   member-nomination, please send an email to [9]nominations@icann.org to
   obtain instructions.
   You will be asked to submit the following information:
     * Name
     * Country of citizenship
     * Place of residence
     * Physical address and phone number
     * Email address
     * Employer(s)
     * A statement addressing your qualifications and experience
       specifically relevant to (a) ICANN's technical and administrative
       responsibilities, and (b) your leadership and policy-level roles.
       (250 words)
     * Information indicating material ICANN-related interests(100
       words), including an identification of:
          + Employment and consulting relationships
          + Ownership or investment interests in any ICANN-related
          + Official positions in any ICANN-related businesses or
     * Background information, personal statement, URL, or other
       information you would like posted in connection with your name on
       the ICANN website (400 words).
     * Whether you are an official of a national government or a
       multinational entity established by treaty or other agreement
       between national governments, such as an elected official or
       employee of a government or multinational entity. (50 words)
   Your information will be posted on a web page, except for your
   physical address, phone number, and email address (unless you choose
   to have it posted).
   The deadline for submitting your name is August 14, 2000. At Large
   members will be able to endorse candidates for self-nomination from
   August 15-31, through the ICANN website.
   To obtain a place on the final ballot, you must get:
     (a) Support from 2% of the At Large Members in her/his geographic
     region, or 20 members, whichever is greater; and
     (b) Support from residents of at least two (2) countries.
   (Subject to an absolute limit of 7 candidates per region, including
   both [10]Nominating Committee-nominated and member-nominated
   candidates, except that in the event of a tie in which the number of
   threshold-exceeding tied candidates exceeds the number of available
   nominations, all tied candidates will be placed on the ballot.)
   ©2000 by ICANN. All rights reserved.


   9. mailto:nominations@icann.org
  10. http://www.icann.org/nomcom


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