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RE: [ICANN-EU] Tabellenstand Nominierung / Ranks in Nomination

[x-posted] [no German version 8-]

> In der ersten Gruppe gibt's nur Deutsche ;>) Ist das eine Ueberraschung?
> RG

Roberto asked wether it seems a surprise that in the first group (of
ICANN-board-self-nominees) there are only germans.

No, that is no surprise. In my opinion, it is a serious problem and I
personally have no idea how to handle it at the moment. I confess that I myself
know only a little about some two or three of the german candidates. I do
not know more than has been brought forward by our discussion here about all
the others.

That is really troubling me. But on the other hand, I am quite excited to
have such an international (european) list after such a short time. I want
to thank Thomas Roessler and Hanno Wagner for setting up the list
(icann-europe, for the people following on other lists) and all the people here for
devoting a lot of time and energy.

I also know that some candidates have looked at the list and were afraid
of the sometimes pretty rough tone. So, please, try to distinguish between
personal and political argument even more than you (all writers, not Roberto,
of course) already do, and stick to the subject.
Kind regards,

Patrick Mayer

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