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Re: [FYI] ICANN verlängert Nominierungsfristen

> http://www.heise.de/tp/deutsch/inhalt/te/8606/1.html

> Informationspolitik der ICANN ist mangelhaft  

Nur sehr sehr langsam, wie es scheint...

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 14:42:49 -0700
From: members-announce@icann.org
To: "At-Large Members" <members-announce@icann.org>
Subject:  [members-announce] UPDATE:  ICANN At Large Membership

To Activated Members, North America region:

(25 August 2000)  The ICANN At Large process is now in the
member-nomination phase <http://members.icann.org/nom.html>.
53 individuals have put their names forward as candidates
for member-nomination in the North America geographic region.
A list of those individuals appears at the bottom of this
email.  At Large Members are encouraged to examine those
candidates' web pages, and to consider making an online

To give more time for PIN letters to arrive through postal
mail, the member-nomination period has been extended to
8 September.