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[FYI] Olympics to Police Internet Broadcasting


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Tuesday August 29 2:12 PM ET

Olympics to Police Internet Broadcasting  

By Daniel Sorid  

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Olympics officials will be sprinting after 
renegade broadcasters who attempt to deliver video of the Summer 
Games illegally over the Internet, in what could amount to an 
unofficial sideshow next month in Sydney.  

Internet broadcasts of the Games have been effectively banned because 
Olympic broadcasting contracts prevent companies from sending video 
or audio signals outside of their own national or regional territory. 
But in an age when anybody with an inexpensive Web camera and 
Internet access can send an original broadcast around the world, 
restrictions that keep Olympic broadcasting off the Internet are seen 
by some as out of date.  

``I don't think realistically there's anything to prevent someone 
from putting a camera or taking a feed off Australian TV and -- 
against the rules -- streaming'' video over the Internet, said David 
Bohrman, chief executive of Pseudo.com, a New York-based producer of 
Internet video.  

``The Internet doesn't know any international boundaries,'' he said.  

But Olympics officials will be watching next month.  


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