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[FYI] Sony rudert zurück


Sony backtracks from anti-Napster spiel
By: Tony Smith
Posted: 29/08/2000 at 11:29 GMT

Sony appears to be distancing itself from anti-Napster comments made by one
of its senior US executives last week. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment staffer Steve Heckler told attendees of the
Americas Conference on Information Systems 2000 that his company would
develop technology to block Napster at all levels, if the Recording Industry
Association of America's lawsuit against the MP3 sharing software developer

Heckler made his comments informally after his keynote speech, and his
words were subsequently reported by US student-oriented Web newssite

However, Sony Music Entertainment, which operates alongside but
independently of Sony Pictures, is now apparently claiming Heckler's words
were taken out of context and the U-Wire story was wrong. 


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