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[fwd] CPSR E$$ay Contest - October 2000 - June 2001 (from: sevoy@quark.cpsr.org)

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Date: 30 Aug 2000 16:30:57 -0000
Subject: CPSR E$$ay Contest - October 2000 - June 2001
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Students will be awarded up to $4,600 in prizes and have their 
work published!

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility is committed to 
educating the public and our profession on the social implications 
inherent in today's information technology. 

The CPSR Essay Contest is intended to further that commitment, 
by encouraging faculty members to integrate topics of social 
responsibility of information technology into their coursework, and
encouraging students to consider the issues effecting their lives.

CPSR is looking for papers that will advance its program work over 
the year within its Working Groups and program interests:

DNS/Internet Governance , Intellectual Property, Computers and 
the Law, UCITA & UETA, Community Networks, Privacy, 
Broadband Technologies, Computers & the Environment, Ethics, 
Computers in Education, Working in the Industry, 
Women in Computing, Cyber-Rights 

Papers must be the original work of students enrolled at accredited 
schools during the time that the paper is written, and not previously 

Papers may be dual purpose in that they satisfy a class requirement.  

A faculty member from the student's school must be willing to certify 
that writers were enrolled during the time that the paper was written, 
and that, to the best of their knowledge, the work is original.  

Faculty do not need to agree with the paper's conclusions. 


Papers should be less than 2,500 words in an easily email-shared 
format among Macintosh and PC software (i.e. text only, Word, or HTML).  
Papers may include graphics.

The body of the paper must not identify the author, sponsor, 
or school, so that entries are read anonymously.

Title, Author Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Author School
and Status (undergraduate or graduate), 
Sponsor Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email.

The body and removable cover sheet should be sent to 
a-messar1@neiu.edu and cpsr@mindspring.com, as back up, 
with the name of the appropriate Working Group/Topic/Title to 
review it as the Subject.

Judges will be members of the appropriate CPSR Working Group 
or general membership.  

Judges cannot submit papers for the Essay Contest during the year.

Up to 36 papers will be selected as winners for publication by CPSR, 
on its web pages and online newsletter. For each topic, a Working 
Group may select a graduate and an undergraduate to be awarded a 
$100 prize.

Up to two writers shall be selected to present their paper at the 
CPSR Annual Meeting 2001 , and receive $500, along with budget 
travel expenses to attend.  

These selections are the final judgment of CPSR.

A paper may be withdrawn from the contest by the author up to 
the time that it is scheduled for publication. After that time, it may 
not be withdrawn.

This contest may be repeated after the 2001 summer recess. 
CPSR can terminate the contest at any time, and can stop accepting 
papers for any period of time.

CPSR is not responsible for saving papers, or following up/
responding to participants.  

Entries not meeting contest requirements will not be considered.

See http://www.cpsr.org for more information about 
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

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