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[FYI] University of Virginia, U.S.: Napster teach-in on campus


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05 September 2000  

Napster teach-in on campus  

About 3,000 incoming students at the University of Virginia wishing 
to obtain an e-mail account this year had to answer 10 multiple-
choice questions, including the following:  

"With Napster or similar services . . . you:  

A. Have found a great way to protest record company pricing policies. 

B. Know you will be able to stay within your budget for the year due 
to the funds you will save by not purchasing CDs.  

C. Have violated University policy; have violated federal law; have 
violated the university's Honor Code; have put yourself at real 
personal risk for a lawsuit for copyright infringement; have opened 
your computer so that anyone on the Internet can obtain any file from 
it; have contributed to network congestion (or complete network 
stalls) in the residence halls from uploads and downloads of MP3 
files to and from the entire Internet."  

It doesn't take an MBA to figure out the answer the university wanted 
was not "A" or "B."  

But the university hasn't blocked students from using popular file 
sharing programs like Napster, Scour or Gnutella.  


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