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[Reminder] Chat with European ICANN Candidates TODAY!

This message is to remind you of the IRC session with most of the
European candidates for an ICANN @large director's seat taking place

	18:00 CEST (GMT+0200)   	TODAY.
	16:00 GMT

To participate, please connect your IRC client to irc.fitug.de, port
6667, channel #icann-europe.  The discussion will be moderated. See
<http://www.fitug.de/icann-europe/rules.html> for a short summary of
the rules we intend to apply.

For your convenience, we reproduce the chat's beginning in various
places' local time below.

	Place		Chat starts at

	Dublin		 17:00
	Lisbon		 17:00
	London		 17:00

	Berlin		 18:00
	Brussels	 18:00
	Budapest	 18:00
	Copenhagen	 18:00
	Ljubljana	 18:00
	Luxembourg	 18:00
	Madrid		 18:00
	Paris		 18:00
	Warsaw		 18:00

	Athens		 19:00
	Bucharest	 19:00
	Helsinki	 19:00
	Kiev		 19:00
	Istanbul	 19:00
	Jerusalem	 19:00

	Moscow		 20:00

For our American friends:

	Alaska		 08:00
	Pacific		 09:00
	Mountain	 10:00
	Central		 11:00
	Eastern		 12:00