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Re: First Cypherpunks Physical Meeting Europe

At 11:39 AM +0200 9/24/00, cypherpunks-europe@koeln.ccc.de wrote:
>On Saturday the 30th of September at 16:00 h there will be held
>the first cypherpunks physical meeting in Europe.

In the interest of accuracy, this is certainly NOT the "first 
Cypherpunks physical meeting in Europe."

For example,

4th Cypherpunks meeting, London

Will be held Saturday, 20 February 1993, at 1400 in the office of:

   4th Floor
   2 Grosvenor Gardens
   London  SW1W 0DH

Or there are the various meetings held in or near Amsterdam:

Saturday, August 9, 1997 at 1:00 PM PDT. [22:00 local]

The Workshop tent, HIP'97 Campground, Almere, The Netherlands.

And there are the ones held at the homes or hotels of American 
Cypherpunks living/working in places in Europe. I recall several 
mentions of these.

--Tim May
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