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First Cypherpunks Physical Meeting Europe

On Saturday the 30th of September at 16:00 h there will be held
the first cypherpunks physical meeting in Europe.

DATE:   September 30th, 2000
TIME:   16:00 (4 pm) CEST
PLACE:  Hamburg, "Tex's Bar-B-Q" bar/restaurant at Millerntorplatz 1

Since this is the first Meeting we will do an on-the-fly agenda
about actual topics.

This is an open public meeting, and everyone's invited - 
you don't need to bring two forms of government ID to get
your key certified, unless you're into that sort of thing,
though creative false documentation is always appreciated...

See http://www.lemuria.org/cpunk.html for directions

To be informed about further european cypherpunk
activities join cypherpunks-europe-announce@koeln.ccc.de by
mailing to cypherpunks-europe-announce-request@koeln.ccc.de or
visiting http://koeln.ccc.de/mailman/listinfo/cypherpunks-europe-announce 

People organising the meeting can be reached at
cypherpunks-europe@koeln.ccc.de, archives are at

Further meetings are projekted
* at end of December in Berlin near the
  Chaos Communication Congress - https://www.ccc.de/congress/
* in Spring 2001 in Scandinavia
* in Summer 2001 at the HAL - http://www.hal2001.org/