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[FYI] (Fwd) Filtering Software and Services / Benchmarking study, call for proposals

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Subject: Filtering Software and Services / Benchmarking study, call for p roposals

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Filtering Software and Services / Benchmarking study, call

Participants at the IST 2000 conference in Nice, France (6 - 8
November 2000) will have the first opportunity of discussing about a
new benchmarking study for Filtering Software and Services and
obtaining more details on the forthcoming call for proposals in this

During the session on "Cyber trust for Citizens" (chairman: Prof.
Herbert Burkert), part of the Security and cyber-crime "mini-track"
(chairman: Frau Erika Mann MEP) the following topics will be covered:
international legal co-operation with the right balance between
effective law enforcement and the right to privacy, and the ways in
which technology and self-regulation can provide tools that contribute
to informing and empowering users in the debate on free speech and

Speakers are: Prof. Mads Bryde Andersen (University of Copenhagen,
cybercrime), Mme Marie Georges (CNIL - French Data Protection Agency),
Dr. Thomas Jackson (JRC Ispra - benchmarking study), Mrs. Sheridan
Scott (chair of the Internet Content Rating Association).

This session will be the start of an interactive process where
participation is strongly encouraged from the following groups:

suppliers of filtering software or services,
organisations interested in providing a benchmarking service,
organisations interested in promoting availability of better
technical tools for parents (including consumer, family and child
welfare groups)

What is the Benchmarking of Filtering Software and Services

At the request of the European Commission's Information Society
Directorat-General, the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, has commenced a
study to foster a better understanding of the process of benchmarking
filtering software and services used to protect children from harmful
or undesirable content on the Internet. In particular the study will
seek to define the evaluation criteria that might be employed in
specific benchmarking exercises.

The study is intended to further the activities of the European
Commission Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet in the
field of user empowerment, and to contribute to the definition of the
IST research agenda in this area.

Filtering tools are a means of empowering users by allowing their
children to have access to a broad range of content on the Internet
while avoiding contact with material that the parent would consider
harmful. However, the performance of these tools, both in terms of
usability and effectiveness, is variable, and often does not meet the
requirements of the individual users. Consequently, the study will
attempt to define a wide range of evaluation criteria that can be
widely deployed in the assessment of filtering tools.

The terms of reference are posted at the benchmarking study web site.

How can I be involved in the benchmarking study?

. if you are interested in attending the IST 2000 conference, please
register for the conference at the conference Web site . if you are
interested in taking part in the consultations or the workshop which
will be organised, or in speaking to one of the Commission team,
please follwo development on the benchamrking project web site. An
interactive forum is being set up and further details will be
announced of how to have individual discussions at Nice or virtually.

The 2001 call for proposals (Filtering Software and

The draft of the 2001 call for proposals has been published. If you
are interested in presenting a proposal or have any queries, please
contact the e-mail address indicated below.

Web sites:

Benchmarking study (provisional)

IST 2000 Nice

Security and Cyber crime

CyberTrust for citizens

Safer Internet Action Plan

Draft 2001 call for proposals

E-mail address for queries about 2001 call for proposals

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