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[FYI] "Suddenly a company's voice is no louder than that of its leading critics."


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Sony kämpft gegen Umweltschützer

Michaela Simon   05.10.2000

Internes Dokument durchgesickert

Sony Corp. führt einen Überwachungsfeldzug gegen die Aktivisten von
Umweltorganisationen. Anlass zu dieser Behauptung ist ein internes
Firmendokument, das in die Hände des  Inter Press Service gelangte.


"Smart companies recognise that the Internet is redefining
relationships between companies and their stakeholders....

But the Internet also throws up new dangers. Suddenly a company's
voice is no louder than that of its leading critics. Activists,
customers, journalists and employees are talking to each other like
never before, with big business finding it increasingly difficult to
stay in the conversation. Furthermore, the Internet creates new
opportunities for illegal activities: counterfeiting, illegal trade,
and intellectual property abuses.

Infonic exists to help companies understand and engage with the
growing living space that is the Internet.  "


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