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Look and feel 10-20 years younger with GH. 16249

Would you like to look and feel 10-20 years younger?

Would you be interested in increasing energy levels by 84%?
How about Increasing Sexual Potency & Frequency by 75%?

Would you like to increase your Muscle Strength by 88%  While...
At the same time... Reducing Body Fat by 72% and Wrinkles by 51%?

Of course you would. We offer the Most Potent Oral GH Formula
available to help you achieve all of this and more!

Turn Back The Clock and Turn Up the Energy Now! In thousands of
clinical studies, GH has been shown to accomplish the following:

* Reduce body fat and build lean muscle without exercise!
* Enhance sexual performance
* Remove wrinkles and cellulite
* Lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol profile
* Improve sleep, vision and memory
* Restore hair color and growth
* Strengthen the immune system
* Increase energy and cardiac output
* Turn back your body's biological time clock 10-20 years
  in 6 months of usage !!!

For more information or to order product, please visit our website at:

If you are unable to visit our website, please send a fax to 1-309-407-1399
and be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address.
We will email you information and an order form.

Wholesale inquiries are invited.

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