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[FYI] New filter scours servers for illicit content


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New filter scours servers for illicit content  

By Rachel Konrad  

Staff Writer, CNET News.com  

October 24, 2000, 4:00 a.m. PT  

So long, smut.  

A Paris-based technology company Tuesday will unveil a filter that 
sends an email alert to customers whenever it finds a lewd picture or 
photo on a Web site. ImageFilter, the newest product from Internet 
infrastructure provider LookThatUp, is an "image recognition engine" 
that breaks down photos or drawings into their unique visual 

ImageFilter is the latest in a growing repertoire of products 
targeted at e-commerce companies that unwittingly host pornographic 
images, from Web hosting businesses to online auction houses. It's 
virtually impossible for such companies to monitor hundreds of 
thousands of pages created by disparate customers around the world.  

But government agencies, attorneys and consumer groups are 
increasingly shifting the burden of cleaning up the smut from the 
individual offenders to the businesses that enable them to operate. 
The U.S. market for Internet filtering software will be $1.5 billion 
in 2004, according to marketing consulting company Frost & Sullivan.  


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