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(Fwd) FC: U.S. Copyright Office says DeCSS bad, filtering hack

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Subject:        	FC: U.S. Copyright Office says DeCSS bad, filtering hacking good
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From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: DMCA Final Rule
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We offer the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act Final 
Rule on Access Control Circumvention:

   http://cryptome.org/dmca102700.txt  (149KB)

An excerpt on why there will be no exemption for
circumventing access to DVDs by tools such
as DeCSS:

   http://cryptome.org/dmca-dvd.htm  (15KB)

The two exemptions granted:

"1. Compilations Consisting of Lists of Websites Blocked 
by Filtering Software Applications

2. Literary Works, Including Computer Programs and 
Databases, Protected by Access Control Mechanisms 
That Fail to Permit Access Because of Malfunction, 
Damage or Obsoleteness."

The copyright industry's arguments are often cited
as grounds for minimal exemptions, as well as the
power of the market to correct what Congress gave
the industry. Specious.

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