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Germany leads in Open Source Development


Germany Leads In Open-Source Development
(11/01/00, 7:54 p.m. ET) By Stuart Glascock, TechWeb News 

SEATTLE -- Paul Jones, director of the Linux
Documentation Project, had a hunch about where to find
the largest concentration of contributors to the
open-source software development, but little hard data
existed about membership in collaborative open source


"We knew the Germans were really active, but we didn't
know how active," Jones said. "We were really knocked
out when we saw the Germans were the second largest


"The other thing we did is combined all the EU and
treated it like one country," he said. "It turns out it would
be greater than all the dot-coms." 


"If you are a German-speaking engineer, the only way
you can play in software and have impact is in open
source," he said. "Also there are countries that recognize
the value of community. " 

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