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[FYI] Political Scientists Are in a Revolution Instead of Watching


The protester used the code
               name Mr. Perestroika. His
          e-mail messages preached popular
          revolt. "Head for the Parliament
          folks! (just as they did in
          Belgrade)," one read in part.
          "When people are pushed to the
          brink, the leaders go, the regime
          goes, the country changes!" read

          The 17 sympathizers who received
          Mr. Perestroika's original message
          forwarded it to others, and within
          10 days the movement had grown
          to more than 100 people. By the
          middle of this week, drafts of
          several letters calling for change
          were circulating on the Web.

Mr. Perestroika is still taking pains to protect his identity. An e-mailed
          request for an interview produced a telephone call the next day
from a
          man who identified himself as Mr. Perestroika. "The United States
          going around the globe democratizing countries, but American
          scientists don't have democracy in their own organization," he
said in the
          same melodramatic style as the e- mail manifesto. "Slobodan
          was able to exercise power until a few commoners stormed the
          Parliament. It will happen here, too."


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