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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: BSA deploys imaginary pirate software detector vans

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BSA deploys imaginary pirate software detector vans
By: Kieren McCarthy
Posted: 08/11/2000 at 10:57 GMT

The Business Software Alliance aka The Pirate Busters is growing so
frustrated in its hopeless efforts to cut down on software piracy that
it has decided propaganda and misinformation is the way forward.

Visitors to Glasgow Central Station yesterday were surprised to be
confronted by a Ford Transit van with a small radar and rusty Sky
satellite dish mounted on top. What was this apparition? Why, the
BSA's latest weapon in the war against software-stealing scum.

A wise reader asked one of the "consultants" what exactly the dishes
were able to do and was informed they could detect PCs running illegal
software. When pushed a little further, she admitted the van was "just
a dummy" but the BSA still had a fleet of the real things rushing
around Scotland detecting and nabbing unsuspecting criminals.


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