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[FYI] South Australian government censors Net


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South Australian government censors Net  

By Megan McAuliffe, ZDNet Australia  

09 November 2000    

In an action deemed ridiculous, the South Australia government has 
announced it will enforce new laws for content on the Internet. 
Opponents say it could spell jail for anyone who unwittingly uploads 
material deemed 'offensive'.  

"[The Bill] proposes to criminalise people who upload content on the 
Internet that is rated 'R'. We're talking about being locked up in 
jail," Electronic Frontiers Association member Irene Graham told 

"I can't believe a democracy is doing this, it's ridiculous," Graham 

The EFA made a number of recommendations that changes be made to the 
draft model legislation sent out in August last year, "which had 
serious unintended consequences."  

The new Internet content laws will hold users criminally liable if 
they access classified content and upload it, according to a 
statement issued by the South Australian Attorney General Trevor 


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